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Digital Media + Digital Marketing + Website Design + Coding

We advise, design and develop online communication media and specialise in responsive websites and (responsive) emails.
Corporate logos, flyers, emails/mailers and websites. Digital Marketing & SEO. Google banner ads, and the management of software development teams to ensure high-performance delivery teams.

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About Us

Established in 2010, MEDIAPOOLE has been assisting various agencies and companies with overflow work in the Digital Media space. From website design and coding, coding and testing of emails and newsletters, E-Books and E-Magazines to Google Banners. In 2020, MediaPoole has become a the digital media division of Samford Solutions.

We offer custom website design, website maintenance, consulting, designing and coding of email marketing campaigns. Our expertise includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
The CRM process involves the activities and strategies that companies use to manage their interaction with current and potential customers. ... Successfully collecting information about your customers allows you to understand them more. In turn, you can improve your products and services based on their demands.

We Advise

We advise on creating your web presence or getting your media to appear perfectly across different platforms

We Design

Whatever you visual design needs are, we will gladly help to express your vision

We Code

Standards compliant, cross-browser compatible responsive code (website and emails)

What we do

Email / Newsletter Specialist

Front End Email Specialist in coding your email for any application ensuring cross platform compatibility (email applications and software, including web based solutions).
Specialist in coding responsive emails with varying CTAs based on screen resolution and device.

Valid Markup

It is important to have valid code on your Web pages.
Web browsers are very forgiving with bad code, but that does not guarantee that your what you meant will actually be represented accurately by the browser and to assistive technologies.
Extensive testing happens before being released, as ... first impressions last.

Google Banner Ads

Coding, testing and animation of Google banner ads / Web Ads.

Software Development Team Management & Processes

With over 20 years experience, we specialise in the management of Development and QA teams, in conjunction with team leads and project / programme managers.

This includes recruitment, appraisals and allocation of duties. We develop and implement skill assessment processes for team members and create a career growth plan for each team member using the skills assessment process. We assist teams with customer needs, specifications, design targets and tool to support task performance. We establish and/or co-ordinate programmes of work, ensuring high-performance delivery teams.

Ux/Ui Design

While User Experience is a combination of tasks focused on enhancement of a product for effective use; User Interface Design is its accolade, the look and feel, the presentation and how the user interacts with a product.

Creative Layout

Layout displays the organization of text, illustration, spacing and other elements of a design.

We are able to assist with any creative layout, for both online and offline media

Contact Us

Please contact us with any queries regarding the work we do